Conference Program

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* One CGF paper (character synthesis) will be presented before the poster fast forward


Main Conference: UCLA Mathematical Sciences 4000A   [Map]

Dining:   [UCLA Restaurant Hours]
              SCA will cover lunch and dinner on Saturday at UCLA Faculty Club   [Map]

Accepted Papers

Session: Physics-based Character Control

Chair: Libin Liu

Hierarchical Planning and Control for Box Loco-Manipulation

Authors: Zhaoming Xie, Jonathan Tseng, Sebastian Starke, Michiel van de Panne and C. Karen Liu

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MAAIP: Multi-Agent Adversarial Interaction Priors for imitation from fighting demonstrations for physics-based characters

Authors: Mohamed Younes, Ewa Kijak, Simon Malinowski, Richard Kulpa and Franck Multon


Physics-based Motion Retargeting from Sparse Inputs

Authors: Daniele Reda, Jungdam Won, Yuting Ye, Michiel van de Panne and Alexander Winkler

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Too Stiff, Too Strong, Too Smart: Evaluating Fundamental Problems with Motion Control Policies

Authors: Kaixiang Xie, Pei Xu, Sheldon Andrews, Victor Zordan and Paul Kry

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Session: Character Synthesis

Chair: Sheldon Andrews

ACT2G: Attention-based Contrastive Learning for Text-to-Gesture Generation

Authors: Hitoshi Teshima, Naoki Wake, Diego Thomas, Yuta Nakashima, Hiroshi Kawasaki and Katsushi Ikeuchi

HDHumans: A Hybrid Approach for High-fidelity Digital Humans

Authors: Marc Habermann, Lingjie Liu, Weipeng Xu, Gerard Pons-Moll, Michael Zollhoefer and Christian Theobalt

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Motion In-Betweening with Phase Manifolds

Authors: Paul Starke, Sebastian Starke, Taku Komura and Frank Steinicke

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NeuroDog: Quadruped Embodiment using Neural Networks

Authors: Donal Egan, Darren Cosker and Rachel McDonnell

Multi-Agent Path Planning with Heterogeneous Interactions In Tight Spaces*

Authors: Vismay Modi, Yixin Chen, Abhishek Madan, Shinjiro Sueda, and David I.W. Levin

*Presented in CGF session


Session: Deformation and Physics I

Chair: Minchen Li

Adaptive Rigidification of Discrete Shells

Authors: Alexandre Mercier-Aubin and Paul Kry

[Project Page]

An Eigenanalysis of Angle-Based Deformation Energies

Authors: Haomiao Wu and Theodore Kim

[Project Page]

A Unified Analysis of Penalty-Based Collision Energies

Authors: Alvin Shi and Theodore Kim

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Lifted Curls: A Model for Tightly Coiled Hair Simulation

Authors: Haomiao Wu, Alvin Shi, Jarred Parr, A.M. Darke and Theodore Kim

[Project Page]

Towards Realtime: A Hybrid Physics-based Method for Hair Animation on GPU

Authors: Li Huang, Fan Yang, Chendi Wei, Yu Ju Chen, Chun Yuan and Ming Gao

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Session: Deformation and Physics II

Chair: Michiel van de Panne

A Linear and Angular Momentum Conserving Hybrid Particle/Grid Iteration for Volumetric Elastic Contact

Authors: Alan Marquez Razon, Yizhou Chen, Han Yushan, Steven Gagniere, Michael Tupek and Joseph Teran

Physical Cyclic Animations

Authors: Shiyang Jia, Stephanie Wang, Tzu-Mao Li and Albert Chern

[Project Page]

Micropolar Elasticity in Physically-Based Animation

Authors: Fabian Löschner, José Antonio Fernández-Fernández, Stefan Rhys Jeske, Andreas Longva and Jan Bender

[Project Page]

Two-Way Coupling of Skinning Transformations and Position Based Dynamics

Authors: Yuhan Wu and Nobuyuki Umetani

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Session: Fluids and Points

Chair: Mengyu Chu

A comparison of linear consistent correction methods for first-order SPH derivatives

Authors: Lukas Westhofen, Stefan Rhys Jeske and Jan Bender

[Project Page]

A Generalized Constitutive Model for Versatile MPM Simulation and Inverse Learning with Differentiable Physics

Authors: Haozhe Su, Xuan Li, Tao Xue, Chenfanfu Jiang and Mridul Aanjaneya

[Project Page]

A Multilevel Active-Set Preconditioner for Box-Constrained Pressure Poisson Solvers

Authors: Tetsuya Takahashi and Christopher Batty

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DiffXPBD : Differentiable Position-Based Simulation of Compliant Constraint Dynamics

Authors: Tuur Stuyck and Hsiao-Yu Chen

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Accepted Posters

A Conservative Semi-Implicit Scheme for Shallow Water Equations

Authors: Haruka Hirae, Shigeo Morishima and Ryoichi Ando

Amorphous Objects Alive!

Authors: Michael Xu and David Levin

Intermediate Block Generation for Multi-Track Sign Language Synthesis

Authors: Paritosh Sharma and Michael Filhol

Towards Learning and Generating Audience Motion from Video

Authors: Kenneth Chen and Norman Badler

Unified treatment of contact, friction and shock-propagation in rigid body animation

Authors: Yi-Lu Chen, Mickaël Ly and Chris Wojtan