We recommend attendants join the conference physically at Durham UK to enjoy the full experience (see a brief introduction about the venue). We have arranged a series of onsite activities such as conference reception, banquet and social events. We also provide free buffet lunches and tea breaks throughout the conference to facilitate communications and discussions among attendants. Don't forget that physical spaces have people limitation, so please register early to secure an onsite slot! We also understand some may suffer from travel difficulties. In such situations, attendants may consider joining online, where presentations will be broadcasted and conducted in real-time via video conferencing software.

Registration Packages

All registration packages allow full access to the conference program. Onsite packages includes all conference activities (reception, banquet, social events), buffet lunches and tea-breaks.

One registration in any of the packages below is required for each accepted paper to cover the publication fees and conference costs, as mentioned in call-for-paper

If the registration is not linked to any paper, the following concession packages may be considerd:

Notice that we do not accept any registration after 2nd September. Please make sure you register before the deadline.

To register, please select your choice below:
• For onsite attendance, please click here.
• For online attendance, please click here.


Grey College, Durham University provides a limited number of onsite accommodation with an affordable price of £53 per night per single en-suite bedroom. It is booked on a first-come-first-served basis. It is located within 5 mins walking distance to the conference centre, and within 20 mins walking distance to Durham City Centre.

To book onsite accommodation, please click here.

Should you prefer, you may also consider other accommodation:

Visa Letters

You may request an invitation letter for your visa application, where you can find an option for you to request for such a letter. To do so, please first complete the registration, and then fill in the application form.

Travel Grants

Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to provide a few travel grants. These grants are open to students and can support up to £500 for the travel of a successful applicant. Please submit your application with our application form. Deadline: 5th August 2022 8th August 2022

Travel Grants Winners

We are proud to support three travel grants thanks to our platinum sponsors, facilitating attendants to travel to Durham and attend the conference. The Adobe sponsored travel grant is awarded to Andrés Casado Elvira. The Disney Research Studios sponsored travel grant is awarded to Kalshetti Pratik Mallinath. The KAUST sponsored travel grant is awarded to Ryusuke Sugimoto.