Call for Participation

The 20th annual Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA) will be held online from Monday, September 6, 2021 to Thursday, September 9, 2021.

SCA is the premier forum for innovations in the software and technology of computer animation. It unites researchers and practitioners working on all aspects of time-based phenomena. Our focused, intimate gathering, with a single track program and emphasis on community interaction, makes SCA the best venue to exchange research results, get inspired, and set up collaborations. We invite work on a broad range of topics, including:

  • 2D, 3D, and N-D animation systems
  • autonomous characters
  • clothing animation and simulation
  • expressive motion / communication
  • facial animation
  • group and crowd behavior
  • intuitive interfaces for creating and editing animations
  • mathematical foundations of animation
  • methods of control and artistic direction of simulations
  • machine-learning techniques for animation
  • nature in motion (natural phenomena, plants, clouds, …)
  • new time-based art forms on the computer
  • novel time-varying phenomena
  • perceptual metrics and foundations of animation
  • physical realism / measuring the real world for animation
  • physical simulation
  • fluid animation
  • planning / learning / optimization for animation
  • real-time and interactive methods
  • camera control methods for computer animation
  • sound and speech for animation

as well as on related problems in robotics, game development, human-computer interaction, simulation, visualization, computer vision, and beyond.


We invite submissions to the papers, posters, or showcases program.

We invite submissions of original, high-quality papers on computer animation, broadly defined as computation dealing with time-varying phenomena. Each submission will be reviewed by an international program committee for technical quality, novelty, significance, and clarity. All conditionally accepted regular papers will be guaranteed a presentation slot. They will appear in the SCA proceedings, or after undergoing a thorough second round of revision and review, and conditional on final acceptance, they will have the option of being published in the new journal Proceedings of the ACM in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (PACMCGIT).

Submission Website

Important Dates

All dates are 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

  • Paper Submission: April 28 May 12
  • Paper Notification: June 9 June 21
  • Paper Revised Version: July 15 July 20
  • Paper Final Notification: July 29 August 3
  • Camera-ready Paper: August 4 August 9
  • Virtual Symposium: September 6–9

Submission Instructions

  • Papers should be submitted electronically using the online system given above.
  • Paper submissions must be anonymous and include the unique paper ID that will be assigned upon creating a submission using the online system. The SCA paper program uses double-blind reviewing, so please remove all personal data, such as author names and affiliation from your submission! Please use your submission ID instead of author names.
  • Format your paper according to the ACM proceedings template (recommended options: acmsmall,screen,review,anonymous).
  • PACMCGIT, the journal where SCA papers will be published, has a strict two-cycle review process. That means papers will not be included in the journal after conditional acceptance if they fail to incorporate the required changes. They may still be presented at SCA.
  • Papers should not have previously appeared in, or be currently submitted to, any other conference or journal.
  • We recommend that papers be up to 15 pages, excluding references, when formatted with the acmsmall option. This is not a hard limit, but reviewers might rate a submission lower if it is perceived as being unnecessarily long. Authors are encouraged to use supplementary documents to provide extra content. Supplementary material such as videos may also be submitted electronically and will be made available to reviewers (size up to 200MB).

We invite submissions to the poster and demo session, which has traditionally been an integral part of the SCA program. Additionally, a best poster award will be presented to the top poster!

Posters will be included in the ACM and EG digital libraries. Note however that as usual, a SCA poster does not preclude subsequent publication of a complete paper on the same topic by the same authors (however, a SCA poster by other authors is considered prior art and should be cited as such).

We encourage any of the following types of poster submissions:

  • Up and coming computer animation research
  • Technically novel production work
  • Recently published work
  • Lab overviews which present a snapshot of the ongoing animation-related research at a given institution

We are also interesting in work done outside of SCA that would be of interest to the computer animation community. This includes animation-related works recently accepted to other conferences such as I3D, SGP, or SIGGRAPH.

Important Dates

All dates are 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

  • Poster Submission: July 27
  • Decision Notification: August 3
  • Final Revision: August 17
  • Virtual Symposium: September 6–9

SCA invites members of the animation community to showcase their work alongside the latest academic research in a Showcases track designed to share and highlight the best new ideas and insights coming from the industry and broader animation community.

We invite short submissions consisting of 1-2 pages along with image, video, or demo reels highlighting the contribution:

  • Stunning new game or VFX demo
  • Cutting edge research or technical results
  • Practical solution to common industry problem

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts from academia and industry, and accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings. Authors will also get a chance to present their work alongside state-of-the-art academic research at the conference held virtually this year.

Important Dates

All dates are 2021 at 23:59 UTC.

  • Showcase Submission: July 31
  • Decision Notification: August 8
  • Final Revision: August 22
  • Virtual Symposium: September 6–9